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Dan, I have used our EZ-TRAM twice now and I like it a lot. It's very quick and seems to be really accurate. Thanks,

Joel VanAntwerp
H&R Screw Machine Products
Reed City, MI


The EZ-TRAM is the best purchase I have made for my shop, Period. I say this without fear of contradiction as I judge the quality of my tools by how much easier they make my life than it was before. Let it be said that the EZ-TRAM is the most labor saving devise I have come across since getting into this business.

M. Flanagan


About a year ago, I bought the mid-size version of your EZ-TRAM for my knee mill. I absolutely love it. Getting my mill squared is a snap. Thank you for saving me so many headaches.

T. Oliver
Denver, CO


The 8 Direction Mill is a bear to set up. So I took what I like to call the "Nano-Tram" Challenge. I loosened up all the directions and used the NANO-TRAM to true it up. Boy, what a dream! It took about one third the time to set it up with the NANO-TRAM.

All in all, I am very pleased with the NANO-TRAM and more confident with my mill now. With not being a retired person, I don't have a lot of time and the speed of setup gives me more time machining.

Ed Maciej


Dear Dan,
"I just wanted to take a moment to write and tell you how pleased we are with our new EZ-Tram gage fixture we purchased from you. In our work here in the physics research lab we are continually tilting the heads of our milling machines at various angles and the EZ-Tram has made re-tramming the head a snap. I also feel more confident in our accuracy when using it. Other supervisors and engineers from other shops on campus have seen us using it and have been sufficiently impressed that I'm sure you have more sales coming your way".

D. Baxter
Florida State University, Physics Dept.


"Just a short note to compliment you on your EZ-Tram. The EZ-Tram is one of those tools you look at and say 'Damn, why didn't I think of that?' Please keep me informed of any new time savers you come up with".

K. Weld
Weld Tech


Dear Sirs,
"I found your product a valuable asset for my shop. It made indicating the head on my Bridgeport easier than I expected".

J. Lehn
Ambridge, PA


Dear Dan;
"We are very pleased with our EZ-TRAM. It is saving me a lot of time as well as heartaches and scrapped parts. I make plastic injection molds and mill alignment is crucial. Because of the time required to tram in the mill, I would tram it in once at the beginning of a job and hoped it stayed put for the remainder of the project. We all know it never does though! Now I can routinely check the machine at every crucial stage in a fraction of the time it took before. The price seems very reasonable for the convenience and speed it allows and has paid for itself time and again, not to mention peace of mind it affords me now knowing the mill is trammed in true".

R. Morel
Intri-Cut Machining


Super Idea!!! I love it.

M. Olson
Marietta, GA



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